Siddharth Bannerjee

'It’s high time for civil society to get better at engaging with other sectors. Can adopting the latest digital and technology solutions get us there?' 

Sidd is a ‘glocal’ (global ↔ local) organizer with over a decade’s worth of experience working at the intersection of technology, social policy and business innovation in various capacities. 

Starting off as a nuclear non-proliferation campaigner, and moving into international development, he is the co-author of a book Start-Up City, on entrepreneurship in the Indian software sector in which he has shared his insights on the issue of emerging economy entrepreneurship and frugal innovation.

Sidd often contributes to international relations debates, especially on South Asia and India, for the London School of Economics and Sky News.  

At Change:HOW?, Sidd looks forward to learning, sharing and engaging with the other passionate attendees on how best to broaden the links between community networks working on positive social impact and colleagues in the government and business sectors, as well as ways to strengthen the base of non-profit organizations using tech for social good.