Penny Wanagri-Jones 

'Sometimes unfair treatment is born out of ignorance'

Penny was born and spent most of her childhood in Nairobi, Kenya. She became aware of conflict at an early age after personal experience of tribal/ethnic conflicts, members of her family had been forced to flee different parts of the country because they were a minority tribe.

Other issues of difference became prevalent during her school years as some of her friends had left warzones like Somali, Sudan, Rwanda and so forth so she developed a keen interest in trying to work out what separates/unites humans.

Whilst in England, she completed her degree in social sciences and did her dissertation on the plight of asylum seekers and refugees in UK.

She currently work as an equalities and inclusion officer as a member of the racial Justice Network, tackling racial inequality and social injustice head-on, through empowering individuals and communities with knowledge and information so as to stand up for themselves and have a bigger voice and impact.