nikandre kopcke

"It's a true reflection of the cultural and culinary richness of London."

Nikandre, a half-Greek, half-German gender specialist and chef, is the founder of Mazí Mas - a pop-up restraurant with a difference.

Mazí Mas is a social enterprise with four main aims:

  • to provide women with an independent income;

  • to develop women’s existing culinary skills in a professional setting, in order to give them the confidence, support, and practical experience necessary to start their own food businesses or gain employment in others;

  • to reduce social isolation and foster community through collective enterprise; and

  • to preserve women’s recipes and diverse cultural heritages, and celebrate these as what makes London unique.

Nikandre gained her MSc in Gender, Development and Globalisation from the LSE’s Gender Institute, and has worked with FoodCycle, social enterprise Rubies in the Rubble, and eco chef Tom Hunt of Forgotten Feast. She is passionate about the rights of migrants and refugees, and did a stint as a volunteer advocate at the Hackney Migrant Centre.