Why I'm Optimistic About Democracy, But Less So About Politics

Change:HOW speaker Uffe Elbaek, Danish MP, former minister of culture and initiator of the entrepreneurial green party The Alternative, writes in Huffington Post: 

He writes: "How do we stop the epidemic of apathy surging through many European countries? It's an important question and one I have been giving quite a lot of thought, since Compass and political artists People at Play in London invited me to speak at the Change:HOW conference on February 8, 100 days before the UK will have its next government.

"I don't have the answer, but I might have a bit of one. Hopefully, together with answers from the 99 other speakers, we will make new strides towards solving apathy. Or more precisely, towards solving the problem that lies at the root of apathy. Because, as I see it, apathy is not the sickness, it is a symptom."

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