Watch the Impossible Become the Inevitable

Indra Adnan, Change:HOW speaker and founder of the Soft Power Network, writes in Huffington Post:

"What each of the speakers have been asked to do is not sell you an idea in that old transactional relationship between salesman and customer: but to share the story of the idea with you, how it entered into their lives and transformed them. Maybe then the listener can hear what drives that person, their values, their hopes and dreams, their way of being in the world and connect with them, whether they completely buy the idea or not.

"If Change-How is a question, then the answer has to be through people inspiring each other to take responsibility for the problems we face and committing to acting creatively, each in our own field, yet together.

"It's a long way from the current political culture that doorsteps potential voters, hoping they will become supplicants to Westminster for change. Where the best promises still only offer more of the same low-wage enslaved, relationship deprived, mentally challenged society we have come to accept as the norm.

"Spend some time with the purveyors of the impossible, and maybe you too will feel their vision of change -- based as it is on human and social potential -- is, after all, inevitable."

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