It’s good to talk

Neal Lawson, chair of Compass who are co-sponsoring Change:HOW? writes for LabourList:

"Ed won’t talk to Nicola. Nicola won’t talk to David and neither will Natalie nor Leanne. Nick won’t to Nigel but David might.

"Welcome to the playground of British politics in 2015. The mainstream politicians dress up as if they’re going to win outright but the jackets and dresses are way too big and no one takes any of them seriously. This lunacy is what happens when multi party complexity is rammed into a two party constitution.

"Everyone who wants a good society is going to have to grow up, be more open, honest and humble. And all of them are going to have to talk – building trust and understanding in advance of NOC. Because that’s what a Tory, UKIP, DUP alliance will be doing. If they are better at talking then we can kiss goodbye to the BBC, the NHS, growth and any sense of equality.

"All of this and more will be discussed at the Compass conference Change: How? on 8th Feb. Come and talk with people you know, and to different people about how radical politics can be – it’s the future."

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