From Scotland to Spain to Greece, we see a new political world emerging

Neal Lawson, director of Compass who are co-sponsoring Change:HOW? writes for the New Statesman:

Three things are happening at once and it’s perplexing. First, the old politics is looking very tired. On our screens we see an election we have all seen before – like a BBC repeat - run by the same people in the same way. It's not that the outcome doesn’t matter – it seriously does. But not as a way of building new energies – just falling over the line first. And then what?

Frome's Flat Pack Democracy, Yorkshire First, the NHS Action Party, MyStroudMP and a myriad other groups doing tactical voting, vote swaps and anything that gets us round the death grip of first past the post elections will try and open up the space for something different and better.

Activists and thinkers are trying to imagine and create an alternative in the hear and now – to prefigure a good society and not wait for a politicians to give it to them. So come on down Transition Towns and the alternative currencies of places like Brixton, ShareAction and the social economy and cooperate movements, Citizens UK and the unions fighting for a living wage, UK UnCuts and anti-frackers who put their bodies on the line for social justice and sustainability, the idealists who want a 21 hour week and a citizens income and know nothing less is feasible.

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