Change? How? England arises…

Anthony Barnett, one of our speakers and the founder of OpenDemocracy writes:

Is it coming? Finally, is England rising, is William Blake coming in from the cold? It might just be happening. The SNP are transforming, the Greens are surging, Syriza is inspiring because it demonstrates the rational possibility of an alternative to austerity,    and if you, dear reader, are in the slightest bit interested in assisting the possibility then there are ways you can get off your bum.

This Sunday indeed, you can join me at Change: How 2015 which is a day in the life of this new left. Bringing together Reds and Greens, Nationalists and localists, vision and practitioners, the English and the Greeks, the Spanish and the Danish and much more. Over 100 actors on stages and 500 actors filling London’s oldest alternative venue in Islington for a Sunday afternoon that you curate your way round. 

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