A taste of our speakers...

We'll be posting the details of our amazing 100 changemakers and their stories of deed-doing imminently.

For now, here's a little peek at who's coming along:

  • Bob and Roberta Smith - 'In a time of difficulty, culture can bring hope'

The magnificent, bold and brilliant political artist who has exhibited at MoMA, Tate Britain and the National Gallery's Fourth Plinth. A passionate defender of arts education, his Art Party is standing in Michael Gove's constituency on May 7th. He is a passionate defender of arts education, and his manifesto includes making one artistic subject compulsory at GCSE, and establishing an artistic community in Surrey Heath

  • Matt Howarth - ‘Tech is about so much more than just buying more crap off Amazon, we’re interested in how you can use technology to make people happier, healthier, safer – especially those who often get left behind.'

Matt created Ugly Mugs, through his company Reason Digital, to let sex workers share anonymous tip offs about possible assaults, abusers and rapists. It offers alerts if sex workers get called by a number on the database of alleged attackers, and offers an alternative to vulnerable men and women often too frightened of arrest to contact police.

  • Bite the Ballot's Michael Sani - 'In a society driven by numbers and data why do people not believe numbers will make a difference at the ballot box? Would you play in a football team if only 2 players turned up on a weekend?'

Michael is an actor by trade, but he got fired up by Russell Brand's talk of revolution and he wants one of his own. Through the ballot box. He is passionate about smart, sexy, digital campaigning to get young people out into polling stations, so politicians can't continue to ignore a demographic who are least likely to keep them in a job.

Gina Spiro

Gina Spiro

  • Stella Duffy - ‘the true democratisation of the arts… feels more vital than ever’

A celebrated writer, a visionary theatremaker, a creative force, Stella is a prolific author but these days, her heart’s in ‘Fun Palaces’. Inspired by theatre legend Joan Littlewood, they are places where anyone can go to take part in high or low culture, fine art or fingerpainting, balloon animals and botany, particle physics or poker, in 143 different venues. A vision to take the arts out of the hands of the money-ed middle classes and make it truly accessible to everyone, no matter their income or taste.


  • Uffe Elbaek - ‘Today the world and our ability to shape it is literally in our hands, transparency and accountability rule. We rule; but only if politics changes too.’

Uffe is a pretty different sort of MP from Denmark. He was Minister for Culture until 2012 and is the rebel initiator of the entrepreneurial green party the Alternative. He's a risk-taking entrepreneur, writer, passionate activist and an incredibly motivational speaker on the need for leadership with just a bit more damn innovation.