Patrick Henderson

'It caught the public’s imagination. We were about community and wanted to engage and make them a part of the solution'

Paddy is the co-founder of the Trussell Trust, the UK's largest network of food banks, which he began with his wife Carol from a garden shed at their home in Salisbury.

The couple began their charity work at a UN feeding programme, working in both Bulgaria and Armenia, feeding street kids.

But whilst fundraising for Bulgaria in Salisbury in 2000, Paddy received a call from a desperate mother in Salisbury saying “my children are going to bed hungry tonight – what are YOU going to do about it”.

Paddy investigated local indices of deprivation and ‘hidden hunger’ in the UK. The shocking results showed that significant numbers of local people faced short term hunger as a result of a sudden crisis.  Paddy started Salisbury foodbank in his garden shed and garage, providing three days of emergency food to local people in crisis. In 2004 the UK foodbank network was launched teaching churches and communities nationwide how to start their own foodbank.

It is now the UK's largest network of foodbanks, feeding almost one million people.

The couple are front-line workers by nature, and have handed the reins of the Trussell Trust over to its current team, and moved to New Zealand just after the Christchurch earthquake to begin a new sustainability project in the country.