John Green

'This summer was a massive step forward on Scotland’s march to independence.'

John has been a member of the SNP since 1965, and was extremely active in West Dunbarton prior to moving to London.

He held all the most important Branch and constituency offices in the 70’s and 80’s in West Dunbarton and stood as a candidate in local elections, within 35 votes of toppling the Labour leader of the council in the 1977 local government elections.

John is passionate about green policies and was active in CND in his early years opposing Trident at the Holy Loch and Faslane. It is a cause he is still passionately committed to and hopes that the election of a significant group of SNP member for Westminster this year will bring about a significant change in UK policy in this area. 

He stood for Westminster in 2001 in West Aberdeen and Kincardine when he was convener of the London Branch of the SNP. At present vice-convener of London branch and took an active part in the recent referendum on Scottish independence canvassing in both Glasgow and Paisley.