Johannes Moeller

'many opportunities for young adults encourage them to ‘fit into’ an economic system that is changing, ecologically unsustainable and unjust'

Johannes has a background in Psychology, and has worked with people and organisations in diverse ways since he was a teenager. In recent years, he has married this experience with his passion for sustainability, social justice and an entrepreneurial enthusiasm to instigate change initiatives.

He is the co-founder of Edventure, a social enterprise supporting young adults to take initiative and create viable, sustainable futures for themselves and their communities. They run a 9 month training in social entrepreneurship enabling young adults to set up a project, business or self-employment.

Johannes works with diverse clients, including teenagers, young adults, social entrepreneurs, NGOs and leaders from the corporate sector. Current clients include Future Foundations, The Centre for Leadership Studies at Exeter University, Lucca Leadership and the Wilderness Foundation.