Jennifer Randall

'Few of us will ever have the power or position to institute or initiate change on any macro or global scale but we do have the power to fundamentally shift another person’s view'

Jennifer is an educator. Influenced heavily by the work of Paulo Freire, Jennifer has reinvigorated the Health Promotion programme at University East London, placing at its core the need to raise the critical consciousness of students for them to recognize the structures within which they are born, live, learn, work, and love. Only by doing so she believes graduates can re-engage with the world re-humanised ready to do the same for others.

Her recent work includes bringing together third sector organizations and the students in mutually enriching relationships of exchange information and skill. Her connectivity beyond her immediate reaches far and is continually expanding in new and exciting ventures of possibility. It is this constant desire to foster connections, share ideas, support others, and create communities that makes Jennifer a powerful agent for change.

Her ideas about how things could, and should, be are well informed and grounded in a deep seeded desire for us each to remember our capacity, our imagination, and  our humanity.