David Lammy

β€œAt its best this is a city of opportunity, as it was for my parents. But I worry whether that prosperity is now available to everyone.”

David was born in Tottenham, one of five children raised by a single mother. After becoming the first Black Briton to study a Masters in Law at the Harvard Law School, he went into politics, first as a member of the Greater London Assembly and then as a Labour MP for his home constituency in Tottenham in 2000.

David served nine years as a Minister in the last Labour government and is now an active backbench MP, working on economic regeneration of Tottenham to solve the unemployment crisis that grips the area.

He has made localism a particular focus, with a drive to stop betting shops and moneylenders taking over high streets in deprived area. His other passions are stopping the damaging cuts to legal aid and campaigning for reform of the Independent Police Complaints Commission so it can respond better to deaths and serious injury that follow Police contact.

David is also the author of Out of the Ashes: Britain after the riots, a book about the reasons behind the 2011 riots and what has to be done to prevent them happening ever again. All author proceeds of the book are being donated to Tottenham-based charities. 

He is the first politician to throw his hat in the ring to run for Mayor of London in 2016.