Alex Andreou 

'It is possible to be pro-EU and still want to punch its current monetarist policies in the face.'

Alex Andreou was born in Greece and left a promising career - much to the chagrin of his mother - in law and market investigation - to train as an actor at London's Poor School at the tender age of 38.

Since then he has played, mostly, very unpleasant people on stage, including at the National Theatre, Bath Royal, Liverpool Playhouse, Southbank Centre, and many others, including regular work with the acclaimed Sturdy Beggars Theatre Company. He was most recently in David Baddiel's The Infidel.

Alex experienced poverty and homelessness in his transition from a "sensible" profession to a career as an artist. He has been a keen poverty campaigner and political commentator since. He is perhaps best known for his weekly political column in the Guardian, on migration, economics and Europe. 

He is a key supporter of Syriza and anti-austerity parties in Greece and southern Europe.