It's a general election year. And no matter what your political persuasion, the future feels grey.

Apathy is an epidemic. Statistics from 2014 suggest just 12% of young people plan to vote in 2015. Many have been inspired by Russell Brand's call to forgo the ballot box. And 44% of the general public feel the democratic process in the UK is breaking down.

But grey doesn't have to be the way... 

On February 8, 2015, Change:HOW? returns, 100 days before we will have a new government.

In November 2013, we hosted the first Change:HOW? A non-partisan un-conference of lively debate, participatory discussion, and live performance. Asking 'what can we do about our future?' It completely sold out. 

700 people came from right across the spectrum - many young, all keen to celebrate what politics could be, and many fed up of dismal prospects and a bleak future.

Most inspiring of all was the huge open space we held right at the beginning of the day, with hundreds of people posting their own ideas and questions. That's the part of the day you told us you liked best. So that's what we're taking inspiration from now - with a twist.


We make the world we live in.

Change: HOW? is a chance to "breathe that fire again". 

We know there are countless people out there who are already living and breathing brilliant ways in which our world could be an altogether better one. On February 8th 2015, join us to hang out with 100 of them.

Hear ideas of how to change yourself, Britain, and maybe even the world: a nurse who knows how to solve the A&E crisis. A student who knows how to get politicians to listen. A local trader who's stopping their high street from becoming yet another identikit row of chain stores. 

And the people with the ideas need your help

Come prepared to be challenged, come prepared to take action, come prepared to be inspired by imaginative ways in which we might occupy our future. 

The doors will open at 11am, the stories will begin from noon. 100 speakers, across five totally different stages. And in the centre of the venue (around the bar, naturally) is a space to meet. With comfy sofas, live music, and room to be inspired. No lunch break, no herding from place to place, no megaphone. Dip in and out, create your own day, and leave with a party bag full of emotional and intellectual inspiration.  

Here's how the first Change:HOW? went down in 2013